Teulada Fiestas “Divina Pastora”

Fiestas in Teulada with traditional Valencian region music

Fiestas in Teulada with traditional Valencian region music

The weekend of the 18th and 19th of September, Teulada celebrates its “Divina Pastora” fiestas, a traditional local fiesta that they stopped celebrating and that “Colla El Falçó” Association of  rustic flute and small drum players has recovered and has been celebrating for several years in order to encourage and promote Valencian and popular music and transmit the cultural identity of the town.

On Saturday 18th of September those that visit Teulada can enjoy a game of “pilota valenciana” (a Valencian region ball game) on De Dalt Street, a tune played by street musicians Colla El Falçó at 7pm in the historic heart of Teulada and a popular evening dinner and “Cantada a la Fresca” traditional songs sung on the street.

This is the most emblematic event and it attracts many people from other towns, as they sing songs of the area, you can participate individually or with a group accompanied by a traditional instrument, those who would like to participate should register by calling 620 614 045 / 659 537 299 or by email: xirimitersdeteulada@yahoo.es

On Sunday 19th of September the performance continues with childrens poular games as from 11:30am in the vicinity of the Divina Pastora chapel, vermouth tasting at 12 noon courtesy of the Cooperativa Agrícola Sant Vicent de Teulada, and in the afternoon mass and performance of traditional dances on behalf of the Font Santa dance group.

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