The Lady Elizabeth school buildings at Cumbre del Sol

The Lady Elizabeth school buildings

The Laude the Lady Elizabeth school at Cumbre del Sol, within Poble Nou de Benitachell, has been rated as one of the best schools in the Region of Valencia by El Mundo, one of the most important national newspapers in Spain.

To be more precise, this acknowledgment was published in a supplement of the newspaper exclusively dedicated to the best educational centres in the region.

This supplement explains on detail the reasons why the Laude the Lady Elizabeth School is so highly deemed. Some of them are bilingual education and the high rate of admissions of ex-alumni into European universities of Madrid, Germany and UK, just to mention a few.

Another attractive feature of this school —especially for foreign resident parents in Costa Blanca— is an academic curriculum that brings together the best of both the Spanish and the British curriculums.

In addition to these features, the school counts on an excellent professorate, innovative proved teaching techniques to boost the best talents of the students and a wide range of extracurricular activities and services.